Relocation accounting does not have to be expensive nor complicated

mLINQS system simplifies, streamlines, and securely automates organizational relocation processing.

The leading federal government travel and relocation experts

mLINQS is a Service-disabled Veteran-owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Since 2003, mLINQS has provided consultation services and the first and only comprehensive, totally compliant, and fully functional solution designed expressly for federal government civilian and military agencies and contractors to manage employee relocation expenses. mLINQS relocation solution has been used to support relocation for the employees of over 40 federal agencies, including 11 of the 15 federal executive departments. It stands alone as the solution that government agencies can depend upon to remove the most frustrating and recurring financial management and compliance problems associated with relocation for all civilian and uniformed personnel. mLINQS is also a trusted advisor to agencies for their travel programs such as E-Gov Travel Service (ETS) and Defense Travel System (DTS). Our advisors understand ETS and DTS and have assisted the majority of federal agencies with their travel processes for more than a decade.

Key Value Factors

For more than 15 years, mLINQS has developed lessons learned in our support of customers. These form the basis for these Key Value Factors.

Low deployment risk

mLINQS already processes thousands of employee transfers and is READY NOW for deployment in new organizations. mLINQS is hosted in a secure FedRAMP authorized cloud environment. This reduces agency investment in internal information technology resources, lowers project risk, and quickens deployment.

Compliance with tax reporting and relocation regulations

mLINQS complies with the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR), Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), and other relocation regulations, including IRS tax regulations. mLINQS was built from the beginning exclusively based on government rules for government agencies and contractors based on input from users.

Customer satisfaction

mLINQS has a long history of providing its relocation product and technical support services and has many excellent customer references. When agencies deploy mLINQS, transferees understand their entitlements up front and are reimbursed more accurately and faster. This improves transferee morale during the stressful activity of relocation.

Meet NARA guidelines

mLINQS enables federal agencies to meet National Archive and Records Administration (NARA) guidelines requiring all authorizations, amendments, vouchers, receipts and other applicable supporting documentation, to be logically indexed and stored for a period of six years and three months, from date of closure of the relocation.

Complete control of relocation data

Complete control of relocation data for analysis, business process improvement, and transparency of spend. mLINQS provides a data store which can be queried to ensure policy compliance and to chronicle existing relocation practices so business process improvement may occur. The data store also comprehensively quantifies relocation spending by vendor and by entitlement (e.g., house hunting, real estate, temporary quarters, etc.). In a government-wide setting, this can assist enforcement of transferees’ adherence to FTR/JTR and government programs such as charge card and lodging. The data will also be instrumental for the government in vendor negotiation. The customer will be able to track compliance with many performance metrics using mLINQS. Metrics might include, but are not limited to:

  • interest paid on vendor invoices
  • processing duration
  • charge card usage
  • charge card rebates
  • average expense for each entitlement (e.g., household goods (HHG) shipment, HHG storage, real estate transactions, temporary quarters, etc.)
  • average length of temporary quarters stay
  • average expense for sale of real estate by type (i.e., traditional, government home sale program, etc).

Eliminate costly 'convenient fixes'

With mLINQS, there is no need to resort to “convenient fixes or gimmicks” like lump sum processing for relocation transactions. These lump sum programs are detrimental to minimizing relocation expenditure or supporting transferee welfare. Unlike a small commercial company that may utilize lump sum because it only relocates a small number of employees per year, the federal government relocates 300,000+ employees. With such a large volume and the added responsibility to account for and spend taxpayer money efficiently, the FTR/JTR has detailed relocation rules and mLINQS is able to automate those rules in a cost-effective manner. In a lump sum transaction, one thing is certain: either the government will overpay or the employee will be underpaid; neither of these outcomes is a characteristic of good relocation policy. Furthermore, the transferee, who is not a relocation expert, is left on their own. The transferee will overpay for services with undue hardship and significant decrease in productivity at their job will ensue. The only stated benefit of lump sum is to reduce administrative expense; however, if the government utilizes an information system that automates the process, the administrative and overall expense are minimized equally, if not more, than under lump sum rules.


We embrace our customers’ objectives as our own. We are an honest partner providing a relocation solution to simplify relocation’s complex business problems and facilitating breakthrough performance.


mLINQS employs a team of highly-skilled, experienced professionals led by executives recognized for their ability to help customers achieve their goals and objectives in an era of change.

As a Service-disabled Veteran-owned Small Business (SDVOSB), we offer outstanding results at competitive rates to the Federal marketplace.

Greg McIntyre

President Greg founded mLINQS in March 2003. As an experienced senior executive in government travel and relocation expense management, he recognized an opportunity to provide services that would help agencies to efficiently and cost-effectively reinvent their relocation processing. Prior to launching mLINQS, Mr. McIntyre served as Vice President of Public Sector Accounts for Gelco. He has also worked in the areas of program management and systems development at American Management Systems. A former U.S. Army officer and Ranger, Greg McIntyre earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Management from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Following his military service, he earned a Master of Science in Operations Research from The George Washington University.

Michael Wong

Vice President of Operations Michael is the senior member of the mLINQS team responsible for systems lifecycle and support of the company’s industry leading relocation management solution in all environments. Michael joined mLINQS in 2003 from the MIL Corporation, where he was a Senior Travel Systems Consultant. His work was focused on worldwide implementation of a travel and expense management system for the State Department, as well as consultation services for many other agencies. He has also served as a Senior Consultant for Gelco Information Network, and an Open Systems Specialist with Datametrics Systems. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University.

Debbie Benney

Director of Product Development Debbie joined mLINQS in 2003 and is the mLINQS senior executive charged with research and development of new technology to continuously improve mLINQS leading edge relocation solution. Debbie joined mLINQS after working as a Subject Matter Expert and Project Leader in software engineering for Gelco. At Gelco, she managed high-level projects for public sector travel and expense management applications. Her experience also includes assignments as a programmer/analyst for MEI Software and American Management Systems. She is a graduate of Villanova University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and is a member of Pi Mu Epsilon National Honorary Mathematics Society.

Jeff Edmonds

Director of Information Technology Jeff is responsible for management, strategy, and architecture of the company’s information systems and technology assets. Jeff came to mLINQS from Atos where he worked as its Global Process Manager on their Cybersecurity team helping to develop and manage the company’s managed security service process framework. He also has extensive experience in infrastructure, data and systems management, supporting mission critical and infrastructure systems for a large Fortune 500 company. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from DePauw University in Computer Science.

Bryan King

Director of Solutions Architecture Bryan is responsible for the success of client projects and service engagements and long term development of mLINQS products. He joined mLINQS in 2003 after six years as a Senior Sales Executive and Senior Product Consultant with the Federal Sales Division of Gelco. Bryan’s extensive experience includes working with the Department of Defense, civilian agencies, and government cost reimbursable contractors on travel and expense management implementations. He has also served as a consultant and software specialist for Techmatics and Wizdom Systems. Bryan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the College of Wooster.