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The Link to Positive IT Results and Objective Evaluation

Using a standardized approach to integrating business systems, with a goal of “plug and play” to meet universal needs, is a lofty objective.  But reality dictates a more pragmatic approach to integration.  The reality in today's environment is that commercial products often need to be fine tuned using proven integration skills.

mLINQS consultants, members of the servLINQ services team, have honed their communications skills to interact with both business processes and IT resources.  They target the precise business need, translate that need into a cost-effective IT solution, and get it right the first time.

These solutions are designed to be most effective when integrated with other business systems, and servLINQ professionals work extensively with federal customers and corporate partners to develop interfaces for a host of diverse applications.  The business area applications mLINQS offers to federal agencies include:

  • Integration between ERP modules and vendors

  • Targeted software development

  • Requirements development

  • Specification design

The company’s servLINQ team also provides Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services.  Team members employ a methodology based on a proven iterative process that determines if the products produced at each phase of development fulfill the requirements placed on them by previous phases. 

This process ensures the system is internally complete, consistent, and sufficiently correct to adequately support the next iteration.  At the end of the project, servLINQ consultants examine and exercise the entire system and its components (software, hardware, business processes) to determine if the stakeholder requirements are met.

All services are performed in an environment free of influence from the development effort to ensure objective evaluation leads to operational correctness.  Examples of these mLINQS services are:

  • Stakeholder identification

  • Defining and implementing governance structures

  • Communications

  • Critical analysis

  • Requirements analysis

  • Test development (scenarios, use case and schedules)

  • Test planning, execution and assessment

  • Results documentation and reporting

Training is vital to implementing a successful program.  Experienced mLINQS trainers have provided federal agencies with training as they roll out new programs, as well as refresher training for more mature programs.  Courses are available through all popular mediums: classroom/auditorium, online instructor/interactive, and written manuals/handouts.

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