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The Link from Effective Management to Achieving Goals

mLINQS offers agency management consulting in two tiers – strategic planning and project management.  These services are provided by the company’s servLINQ team of highly experienced consultants whose sole focus is the public sector.

Strategic Planning

Agency goals and objectives are defined by senior management, but the challenge to achieving them is the task of operational level groups. Aligning programs and moving forward is a complicated process filled with potential pitfalls.  mLINQS provides services proven to effect positive change through organizational development and strategic project planning in a dynamic environment.


The servLINQ team works with federal agencies to ensure effective program alignment.  Further, it helps to establish a path forward, enabling customers to propose and develop programs that promote achieving management's goals and objectives in the real world.  The services provided include:

  • Detailed review of critical management plans, goals and objectives
  • Facilitating strategic planning sessions with all stakeholders
  • Defining the vision and mission statement
  • Aligning goals and objectives with those of management and agency policy
  • Conducting an objective performance audit of the agency's recent accomplishments
  • Completing a gap analysis between the vision and the results of the performance audit
  • Developing an implementing an action plan to close the gaps between performance and objectives

Project Management

Managing change is a key component to implementing new projects, and every agency operates in a distinctive culture that offers unique strengths and challenges.  Therefore, a single approach to project management will not fit all initiatives.  servLINQ professionals work with agency customers to define and develop a management framework that reflects the particular environment in which a project will take place.


Projects are too often planned without consideration for a constantly changing environment.  New laws, government-wide initiatives, and evolving technologies demand that agency programs are managed and implemented with a high degree of flexibility so they can adapt to new requirements mid-stream.


At the other end of the spectrum, there are some programs implemented without a sound management framework in an attempt to meet aggressive Federal mandates and deadlines.  These projects risk failure due to a lack of structure.


The servLINQ team views project management as a critical enabler to success.  They work to define and implement a management framework that reflects a path to achievement which strikes a balance between a structured plan and the need for agile response to change.  Working in partnership with agency customers, servLINQ professionals:

  • Develop and maintain critical project documentation such as scope definitions, charters, requirement analyses, and feasibility and cost-benefit studies
  • Define and implement consistent change management and communications strategies, including vehicles and messaging, for all stakeholders
  • Track and mange project schedules and task assignments
  • Estimate realistic resource levels
  • Implement and apply earned value management systems and techniques
  • Promote a collegial and collaborative team environment

mLINQS Project Management services are available for a broad spectrum of federal business applications.  These include:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Capital planning and investment control
  • Financial management and internal controls
  • Incident planning and management
  • Performance measurement
  • Systems planning and implementation

Contact a mLINQS representative to discuss the management consulting services available to meet your agency’s unique needs from strategic planning to project management.

Training is vital to implementing a successful program.  Experienced mLINQS trainers have provided federal agencies with training as they roll out new programs, as well as refresher training for more mature programs.  Courses are available through all popular mediums: classroom/auditorium, online instructor/interactive, and written manuals/handouts.

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